lu.cid [loo-sid] adjective: easily understood; completely intelligible or comprehensible: a lucid explanation.

LucidPapers provides English language editing and writing services for authors of scientific journal papers and other scholarly articles, as well as copyediting for academic publishers.

Based in the United Kingdom, we have specific expertise in the earth, environmental and natural sciences. For a more detailed breakdown of our knowledge and expertise, please see the Subject Coverage page.


Even if the science or technical content of your manuscript is sound, conveying this in a clear and readable way to busy reviewers can be very difficult to achieve for someone whose first language is not English.

By first sending your work to LucidPapers, we will help improve its clarity, increasing the chances of your paper making it through the peer review process.

In addition, we can also help if you have already submitted a paper to a journal and have been asked by the Editor to improve the English as a condition of acceptance.

Finally, from a writing perspective, we can produce the Plain Language Summary for your paper (if needed for your target journal); and after publication, we can work with you to write a press release or news article for your research (if you have been asked by your university to create one).


Choosing a native English-speaking copyeditor (in our case based in the UK) is a tough call to make given the range of inexpensive overseas options now available. However, many stakeholders involved in the publishing process still prefer to use UK- or US-based services if they can, simply because the quality tends to be higher. At LucidPapers we understand this, and believe our subscription-based pricing is a model that can provide publishers with the best of both worlds: quality UK-based copyediting and great value for money. See the Pricing page for more information.