LucidPapers offers two pricing models:

Pay per paper

£0.040 per word.

All parts of the manuscript apart from the reference list, authors/affiliations, and any repeated figure or table captions are included in the word count.


  • The maximum turnaround time is 5-7 business days.
  • There is also a small charge to cover the time spent by the editor to initially familiarise themselves with the topic and content of the manuscript. Currently, this is set at 5%.
  • Immediate small-scale changes in response to our edits/comments can be checked for free.
  • For revised manuscripts (i.e., when we have already edited the original), you will only be charged for the revised parts.

Subscribe and save


Subscribe to our editing service and receive a 20% discount on the pay-per-paper rate, plus a waiver of the 5% charge to cover the time spent by the editor to initially familiarise themselves with the topic and content of the manuscript. A monthly statement will be sent detailing the funds you have remaining. Larger groups (e.g., research groups, departments, faculties etc.) can choose to deposit more than £1075 to start their subscription if they wish, meaning their funds will last longer before next needing to top up.

Everything else, including how the word count is calculated, the turnaround time, and the handling of revised manuscripts, is the same as detailed above under the pay-per-paper model.

Optional extras

In addition to the standard editing service, you can also choose one or more of the following optional extras:

  • Check and improve the layout/formatting of the manuscript: £40.00 (or £32.00 if subscribing)
  • Style the manuscript according to your target journal’s author guidelines: £100.00 (or £80.00 if subscribing)
  • Check and edit the reference list: £1.75 per reference (or £1.40 if subscribing)


Payment for both pricing models can be made using credit/debit card (transactions are carried out securely online via PayPal), or via international bank transfer. For our China-based customers, we can also take payment in CNY via WeChat or Alipay. Also, if paying by credit card, we can take UnionPay.

To convert the above prices into your own currency, click here.